CSR, Sustainable Development

CSR: Positivity, out of Negatives (the Wiwa and Boele connection)

In 2010, Richard Boele (An old friend of Saro Wiwa, the slain Ogoni leader) granted an interview to Dr Wayne Visser, CEO of CSR International, which was conducted at the Australian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (ACCSR) conference in Melbourne, Australia, on 19 Feb, 2010.
He spoke about how his interaction with Saro Wiwa, the executed Nigerian Human Rights Activist, shaped his perception of CSR in general and on Shell in Nigeria. This is a classic example of how negative actions could spur the implementation or renaissance of the appropriate policy framework and actions, towards human rights and CSR. In this instance, it also led to giving a boost to organisations like Banarra, which is an Australian-based firm providing specialised services in sustainability assurance and strategic advice, who have aided various industries (esp. Oil and Gas Organisations) to carry out their business in a more humane way, while following various international protocols.

Find below the interview and a short feature on CSR and Oil & Gas in Nigeria:


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