CSR Gone Wrong – DSTV/ Multichoice Experience!

Though this incident might have taken place a while ago, Socio-capitalist believes it is still relevant to discuss, so as to show and highlight the negative sides of CSR and P.R.
A customer of DSTV (a leading pay-per-view tv, in the stable of MultiChoice), Emmanuel Igoche, must have felt elated on October 11, 2013, when he was celebrated for winning the star prize of MultiChoice Nigeria 20th anniversary promo of an expense paid trip to the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, USA. But what later happened, led to a deflation.
Four days before then, precisely on October 7, the name of the Abuja- based customer and another subscriber, Baban Mallam Mohammed Kamilu had been announced in the media, as winners of an all-expense paid return trip for the event. The award was held on January 26, 2014.
The draws, which produced the two star winners and 16 other subscribers were earlier held at the SuperSport Studio, Billings Way, Oregun, Lagos. The prize presentation ceremony which, held at MultiChoice Office on Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos on October 11, 2013. The short ceremony was witnessed by the media.
But despite the hype associated with the promotion, it turned out to be a misadventure for the winners, they did not make it to the USA for the award ceremony. This was supposed based on a clause, that stated that the winners had to get their own visas.
A winner, Mr. Emmanuel Igoche moved a bit further after he was told of the need to apply for the visa, by writing a petition to Mr Ugbe, the chief executive of MultiChoice, and expressed his displeasure. Among other things, he had demanded the tickets for the event and the travel tickets to enable him get his visa.
The winner pointed out that after the presentation ceremony; they were told that MultiChoice would be in contact with them for the arrangement to Los Angeles. He however added that after he was announced as a winner and upon publicity endorsing the brand in the media, nothing pointed to the fact that MultiChoice was keen about its intention to honour her obligation.
Mr Igoche complained in the letter that the company handled the matter in a most unprofessional way, stating that it seems as if it was a deliberate attempt to insult the intelligence of the winners.
According to reports in the media in Nigeria, efforts made to speak with the management of MultiChoice to hear the company’s own side of the story was not successful.
In recent times, it is not only MultiChoice that has found itself in murky waters over promotions with failed promises. In the past, consumers had complained about promotions organised by several high profile companies/ organisations in Nigeria, who have failed to live up to their pledge/ obligation, in such promotions. This affects credibility, integrity, image and eventually the brand. Though due to the environment under which they operate, where sanctions are not applied on erring companies, in this area of promos, some could take it as an opportunity to get away with anything.
In terms of Public Relations, in the long term, there would always be some disgruntled people, who would rightly not have positive things to say. This would affect the organisations goodwill, which could spiral into other effects. This is so, especially in the era of social media, where the customers are really the kings and the world is a global village. A word of advice to DSTV, improve on your P.R. Let your word be your bond. Honesty should be your policy. If you can’t deliver, do not start the promo. A smaller prize that gets delivered is better, than a big prize that never gets delivered. This would go along way in enhancing the image of any organisation. If customer satisfaction is the target of every service delivery company, then delivering on your promises should be your bond. This increases trust, which is the basis of any relationship, especially in business.


3 thoughts on “CSR Gone Wrong – DSTV/ Multichoice Experience!

  1. Sadly even much bigger companies get away with similar unyielding promos. My question is where are the PR regulators in Nigeria?. What laws are in place to curb/control such actions?.


  2. fifi says:

    I suppose this points to the fact that there is no consumer protection structure in place. There should be a way to seek redress in this type of cases which goes beyond the individual fighting the case “solo”. How much might or clout can he/ she muster?
    PR agencies who package these deals must be on the side of the common man .


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